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Date: November 
28-30, 2019
Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center, China

Hosted by
Hubei Society of Hydropower Engineering (HSHE)
Asia Water Conservancy Enterprise Federation
Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group


Supported by
Wuhan Division, China Council For the Promotion of International Trade


Organized by
Wuhan Howee Co.,Ltd

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www.irrigation.com, www.cnirr.com, Association of Irrigation & Drainage Enterprises, China (AIC), www.ibicn, www.zgjsgg.com, www.aquasmart.cn, www.jsgg.com, Chinagronet.com, www.water8848.com, China Water & Wastewater, www.bengjiawang.cn, Industry Water Treatment, Asia Water and Wastewater, www.CNPV.com, www.waysources.com, www.zgbfw.com, www.chinapipe.net, www.cnbfjob.com, www.pumpw.com, www.chinapipe.net, etc.
【IDT2019 促进灌排科技发展】Brief Introduction of IDT 2019

The Instruction of National Agricultural Water Saving in 2012-2020 clarifies the general requirements for water saving in agriculture, and proposes that agricultural water saving should aim at improving and safeguarding people's livelihood, aiming at improving the comprehensive agricultural production capacity and using water resources efficiently. The service and agricultural technology promotion system should guarantee the sustainable development of agriculture and economic society with the sustainable use of water resources.

According to this state document, it is estimated that the area of nationwide agricultural effective irrigation is going to reach 1 billion mu by 2020. An estimated 500 million mu of dry fields will adopt water-saving agricultural technology, marking a penetration rate of over 50%. In the next five to ten years, Chinese water saving irrigation industry will usher in its golden development period with more than RMB 500 billion market size. Driven by a series of favorable policies, water saving irrigation industry embraces an enormous market and bright future.

To promote Central China’s irrigation and drainage industry and strengthen international cooperation, IDT 2019, hosted by Grandeur Group, will be held at Wuhan International Expo Center from Nov. 28-30. The show will span over 30,000 sq.m, covering global excellent irrigation and drainage technologies, equipment, solutions and other related products. Committed to forging one of the most valuable trade platforms in the central region, IDT is going to help worldwide companies to explore emerging markets.
【IDT 2018 展会回顾】 Review of IDT 2018

Ever since its inception, IDT has been successfully held for 2 sessions, attracting over 300 worldwide esteemed enterprises, including, TORO and Rain Bird from the US, and domestic brands like Irrist, Lianye, Chinadrip, DFShou, Tensure, Shenyu, Master Irrigation, Chengruida, Lihang, Jinyuan, Qingcheng Irrigation, Yushun, Darun, Yongrun, Huayu, Haofeng, Jiaqi, Yuelong, Fujin Gardening, Hongyan, Mingyuan, Aikesi, and so forth, recording 21896 visits from related government agencies, trade associations, water conservancy facilities and projects, water conservancy developers, agricultural institutions, importer, exporter, distributors, agents, wholesalers, and etc.

As a well-known professional event of its like in the central region, the exhibition has been well received by exhibitors and professional buyers. At the same time, it has also received support from more than 100 related media at home and abroad. The successful staging of the show demonstrated the good momentum and huge investment demand for the vigorous development of the central irrigation and drainage industry, and established an information exchange platform for the development of the industry, helping domestic and overseas enterprises to explore emerging markets.
为何选择参加IDT 2019
 1、赢取面对面的商业机遇                                                     6、精准定位您的公司和品牌
 2、寻找最合适您的特邀买家                                                  7、确立企业在市场中的地位
 3、深度对话行业决策者                                                         8、掌握最新行业动态和脉动
 4、巩固老客户关系及结识新客户                                            9、全面有力地扩展产品和服务
 5、有效提升公司品牌及知名度                                               10、建立广泛的代理和招商网络
Why Attend IDT 2019
1. To achieve the business opportunities face to face
2. To seek for the big buyers
3. To exchange with the industry bigwigs
4. To strengthen the relationship with regular clients and meet with new clients
5. To promote the company brand and reputation
6. To position perfectly on the company brand
7. To domain the market share
8. To catch the latest industry info and development
9. To overall expand the product and service
10. To set up extensive agencies and investment website channels
1、专业 Call Center 团队,全年呼叫宣传,手机短信 SMS 推送,微信推送。
4、展会电子快讯(EDM):主办方有十多年的办展经验,拥有庞大的目标买家数据库,定期发送 EDM,让展会动态精准直达100万余名目标客户。
5、利用社交媒体扩大宣传:用互联网思维从移动渠道提升展会曝光度,利用微博、微信、QQ 群等共推展会信息,全面推广合作企业的新产品新技术。
7、推介会:展会前 1-3 个月将在湖北 8+1 城市圈用户组织用户推介会,为展会组织有真正购买需求的买家。
8、 组织专业买家团:与行业权威协会、商会等机构精密合作,在华中地区全面宣传及推广展会,携手合作、共同组织地区专业参观团体。
9、 大众媒体宣传:湖北省电视台、人民日报、湖北日报、楚天都市报、楚天金报、新万博manbetx官网登录晨报、新万博manbetx官网登录晚报、长江日报、中国经济报、南方网、大洋网、大楚网、荆楚网、新华社、腾讯、网易、新浪、搜狐、得意生活等。
Event Marketing & Promotion of IDT 2019
1. A professional publicity team-Call Center to publicize by various methods.
2. To cooperate with more than 100 professional media and over 20 mass media to cover an overall report for the event.
3. To email the invitation to more than 100,000 visitors.
4. To send the EDM on regular basis to about 1 million target client in the data base.
5. To expand publicity by social media or platforms, such as micro blog, WeChat, QQ, Twitter, Facebook and other oversea social platforms.
6. To attend other industry exhibitions and hand out the visit tickets.
7. To hold the promotion meeting three months early.
8. To organize the professional buyer groups by cooperating with industry associations, chambers, societies and other units.
9. To expand publicity by mass media such as Hubei Television Station, People's Daily, Hubei Daily, Chutian Metropolis Daily, Chutian Golden Newspaper, Wuhan Morning Post, WuHan Evening News, Yangzi River Daily, China Economic News, etc.
IDT 2019同期活动】
Concurrent Trade Shows & Live Activities
1. 2019 China (Wuhan) Int’l Water Conservancy and Hydropower Technology Innovation High-end Forum
2. 2019 China (Wuhan) Int’l Flood Control & Drought Relief Rescue Equipment & Technology Summit
3. 2019 China (Wuhan) Int’l Irrigation & Drainage Technology Forum
4. 2019 China (Wuhan) Int’l Rural Drinking Water Security Summit
5. 2019 China (Wuhan) Int’l Sponge City Summit
6. 2019 China (Wuhan) Int’l Water Conservancy & Hydropower Expo (WCH 2019)
7. 2019 China (Wuhan) Int’l Flood Control & Drought Relief Rescue Fair (FCD 2019)
8. 2019 China (Wuhan) Int’l Hydraulic Machinery & Hydropower Station Expo (HMH 2019)
IDT 2019专业观众云集,买家资源云集】
Target Visitor
1. Agricultural institutes, industrial institutes, garden units, drainage engineering units, urban construction and water conservancy engineering units, etc;
2. Water conservancy bureau, agricultural department, industry institutes, water conservancy station, water conservancy engineering units, water conservancy development units, etc; 
3. Dealers, agents, suppliers of irrigation device, etc;
4. Water conservancy associations, society, media, etc;
5. Irrigation equipment users and units, etc;
IDT 2019展品范围】Exhibits Scope

Agricultural Irrigation Technique and Equipment: comprehensive technology to improve agricultural water saving irrigation efficiency, sprinkler irrigation technique and device, micro irrigation technology and equipment, drip irrigation technology and equipment, greenhouse water-saving irrigation technology and equipment, spray nozzle, sprinkler head, pipeline, tubular products, drip irrigation pipe, drip irrigation tape, fertilizer device, etc.


Water Saving Irrigation Technique and Equipment for Urban Landscape and Garden: micro irrigation technique and equipment, drip irrigation technique and equipment, sprinkler technique and equipment, underground sprinkler head, controller, etc.

Water Saving Irrigation Technique and Equipment for Court Field: water saving irrigation technique and equipment for court field, central computer control system, underground sprinkler head, solenoid valve, controller, etc.


Industry Irrigation Equipment: submersible pump, axial flow pump, defueling pump, centrifugal pump, submerged pump, petrochemical pump, sprinkler irrigation unit, screw pump, excavating pump, slurry pump, submersible pump and vertical lineshaft turbine pump, diving sewage pump, horizontal multi-stage pump, etc.


Efficient Water Saving Irrigation Technique and Associated Products: irrigation engineering machinery, large sprinkler, solar irrigation system, various sprinkler head and spray nozzle, soil moisture content analyzer, automatic porosity meter, pressure film extraction apparatus, functional infrared temperature instrument, pressure gage, etc. 

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